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Core Values

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We design with a purpose and that is to precisely serve you with accurate creative solutions that result in a conversion.
Together with your own visions, we innovate to give you a unique experience as we help you reach your long-term goals using out-of-the-box ideas.
As our name goes, we treat clients like VIPs and we always aim to deliver outstanding and impressive services that they deserve.
We're for sophisticated, polished, and cutting-edge designs that will equip your brand to stand out in the limelight.
As much as we take pride in our services, we stay grounded, humbled, relatable, and most importantly, approachable to our clients.

It's in our best interest to stay true to our brand and we make that happen with these principles as our anchor



we aim to help female entrepreneurs convert their cold traffic to high paying clients by using effective & creative digital media

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Phoenicia Vercide
Phoenicia Vercide

As a multi-passionate licensed architect, Phoenicia pursued her love for digital media.
Her background in architecture equips her with design principles that enable her to understand and execute graphic & web design solutions properly and effectively through seeing the endless possibilities of design in different perspectives. Her natural eye for design and the ability to manage a team once landed her to a corporate job as a Design Head in a boutique architectural firm.

Being in the design industry for almost 10 years to date, Phoenicia is both a service provider and consumer. She knows what it's like to be given an excellent and quality service and is on the mission to reciprocate that kind of assistance to others. Hence, the birth and the name of VIP Design Lab.
Today, she continues to serve entrepreneurs with her graphic & web design services while treating them all as VIPs and with a future expansion in mind, she envisions a design lab where both advertising and architecture flourish with one another.

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