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VIP Design Lab Brand, Web and Funnel Designer
VIP Design Lab by Phoenicia
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What We Do
Who We Are
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Our Portfolio

Your window of opportunity is

12 seconds short.


Waste it, and your chance to make the BEST first impression for your brand is gone.

This is why we're here. 

We focus on delivering eye-catching and effective designs. 

VIP Reviews
How We Do It

Add credibility and online presence to your business through a reputable website with excellent user experience.


Express your business brand through a strong and meaningful visual identity design. 




VIP Design Lab is all about delivering topnotch and effective design solutions for your business.

What We Do

Take your lead prospects to visually compelling funnel designs that will make them purchase your product.


Establish a solid visual brand with your marketing materials and supplies.

Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Get a glimpse of our creative solutions specifically formulated for VIP's like you.

Work Process

Our Work Process

VIP Method by VIP Design Lab

We start off by getting to know your brand's story, your wants and needs and your do's and don'ts. This is the part where we envision your goals and align them to the desired project outcome. 

Milestones involved:

  1. Fill out Client Application

  2. Have Discovery Session

  3. Brand Questionnaire

  4. Creative Brief Presentation

  5. Contract Signing

  6. 50% Downpayment

STAGE 1: Visualize Goal

This is how we get you your creative solutions. We call it the V.I.P Method.

Not sure where to start?


and let us guide you from there.

STAGE 2: Initiate Design

VIP Method by VIP Design Lab

You are officially a VIP in this stage! This is where we turn your visions into designs. We will be working closely with you in formulating your creative solutions to ensure that we achieve nothing but perfection and success for the end results.

Milestones involved:

  1. Set-up shared Google Drive

  2. Supply client owned assets (such as photos, videos, & copy)

  3. Production & presentation of schematic design options

  4. Selection and revision of chosen design option

  5. Finalizing design

VIP Method by VIP Design Lab

Once you are satisfied with the formula and the services you’ve acquired, we now enter the last stage of the project. We polish off the final product to ready it for turnover and ask you to send the remainder of the payment.

Milestones Involved:

  1. Polishing of design output(s)

  2. 50% Remainder Payment

  3. Transfer and turn-over of files

  4. Project Launching

  5. Offer of maintenance services

  6. Feedback and Review

STAGE 3: Project Launch

VIP Method by VIP Design Lab

In this Digital Age, marketing tools have never been this accessible and powerful at the same time that it can either MAKE or BREAK your brand. Just by using the wrong color for your ads can cause you half of your prospective clients.

VIP Design Lab is a one woman design team who focuses on delivering effective and top notch creative solutions for entrepreneurs who struggle with their brand's online presence.

You see, one of the reasons why a brand is ineffective is because marketing tools are not properly utilised. Thus, the inability to communicate with their target market. 


With future plans of expansion, VIP Design Lab guides you in making sure that your business will not drown in a pool of advertising from thousands of other business competitors as we go above and beyond with our creative solutions. 


As our VIP, we want you to convert your audience to highly paying clients.

Let us help you with that.

WHO  we are

Get to know our core values, our story, and the woman behind it all.

know more about phoenicia

Who We Are
About VIP Design Lab

VIP Reviews

What's it like to be a VIP?

To give you an idea, we've collated our client's honest reviews and feedbacks about their experience as a VIP.

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Adelina Stefan
VIP Design Lab Reviews

Adelina Stefan

Founder of Advanced Talent, Training & Consulting, Licensed Career Coach, Intercultural Facilitator, and Business Consultant

Phoenicia is a professional with brilliant creativity and working with her was an absolute pleasure. Her design work was a pure reflection of my services’ true essence. Her excellent communication skills and wealth of experience in dealing with small businesses meant she could quickly identify my needs and provide the appropriate guidance. With her skills, talent, and natural creativity, she works quickly and efficiently, listening carefully to your feedback and offering professional suggestions and continuous advice to better support your brand.

I will always recommend Phoenicia to anyone looking for brand-, web design and sales funnels. I am more than 100% pleased with the final product. Thank you, Phoenicia for an excellent work done!

VIP Reviews
Work with Us

You are ONE STEP closer to the beginning of converting your cold traffic to highly paying clients.

Let's start your VIP experience.




Client Application

and have a VIP experience as we formulate the creative solutions of your business.

We always value our VIP's time so we'd like to make sure that we are a perfect fit. Please answer the questions below as thoroughly as you can so we'll have a better understanding of your project requirements. 

Work with you soon!

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